Dukeries Cleaning Supplies is A fabulous family run business. That offers convince and supply fantastic products from leading manufactures, for all your possible cleaning needs. 

We are a fast growing successful  dynamic and passionate company of employees that are reliable, motivated and fully trained to provide the highest levels of service. Our passion that we bring to our work is hard-earned, constantly reinforced and something we are definitely proud of. This shows you our drive to give you a fantastic service.

We provide everything you could possibly need in order to keep your working environment to the highest standard possible. We are intensely commented to delivering a high standard of product as well as a high standard through our deliveries.

We can provide for any  size or type of premises – including offices, schools, hospitals, receptions, bars, restaurants, gyms or homes – we apply the same approach and delivery of all our cleaning products with a  passion shared by the whole company combined.

Do not hesitate to phone us at  01777 869222 or email us at enquiries@dukeriescleaningsupplies.co.uk with any enquires.