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In those environments like your own firm’s workplace where there can be all manner of chemicals, blood-borne pathogens and organisms that may be transmitted via contact with dirty surfaces, it’s vital to wear the right gloves. Strong, durable disposable gloves certainly take pride of place in our extensive range of healthcare supplies in Worksop here at G & S Corporate Supplies.

You might use our disposable gloves for such applications as food handling, packaging, laboratory work, electronic assembly, salons/spas and/or general pharmaceutical and home use. However, if you require gloves for clinical settings, you should look for ones that are suitably marked for medical use. If in doubt, please get in touch with us for further guidance, as we certainly do not recommend that you use our latex disposable gloves for medical purposes.

Our range of disposable gloves can be divided into latex and non-latex options, the former providing the best barrier protection, fit and all-round functionality on account of their manufacture from natural rubber latex. The durability of such ‘real’ latex gloves is exceptional. However, some individuals are also sensitive to latex, suffering severe reactions in response to contact with latex protein.

This is why our range of healthcare supplies in Worksop is also well-stocked with latex-free gloves. We can offer you Vinyl Gloves, for instance, that are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These aren’t priced quite as highly as latex gloves, and the non-form-fitting nature of vinyl means that they don’t fit as tightly as latex. If you’re looking for latex-free gloves that have more in common with real latex gloves as far as physical characteristics are concerned, you may therefore purchase our Nitrile Gloves instead.

Again, Nitrile Gloves contain no latex whatsoever, but are stretchable like rubber, with their sound barrier protection making them a popular choice among police, healthcare providers and industrial customers. You should bear in mind, though, these gloves’ higher price tag compared to latex and vinyl gloves.

That leaves just one more latex-free option… polyethylene gloves. Whether you know them by this name or instead ‘PE gloves’ or even ‘plastic gloves’, these powder-free gloves are frequently chosen for the serving of food, thanks to the shield that they provide against organic vapours, dusts and mists. Really, if you’re seeking a supplier of gloves and other healthcare supplies in Worksop that really has thought of everything, don’t hesitate to take a look at the G & S Corporate Supplies range.


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