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by | Aug 18, 2015 | Dukeries News

Do you require industrial  cleaning supplies Nottingham or Lincoln? If so, take a look at what’s on offer at Dukeries Cleaning Supplies. We offer a wide catalogue of cleaning suppliers to companies around the Nottingham and Lincoln area and are always listening to feedback from our customers in order to make our range even more diverse. We will be your one-stop shop for high quality cleaning supplies.

The Evans Vanodine Odour Neutraliser is one of the most popular products in our catalogue and fights unpleasant odours powerfully. The product is highly effective in the battle against bad aromas including those from pet urine, tobacco smoke and rancid food. It can be used to eliminate odours from carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. You can get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions about the Neutraliser or any of the other products in our catalogue.

The Dukeries Cleaning Supplies Carpet Extraction Cleaner is another powerful carpet maintenance product. The Cleaner is available at an extremely competitive price and can be used on most carpets – simply pre-test prior to use. The product emulsifies general soiling and staining and you can again give us a call at any point if you do wish to learn more about it. Our team knows our catalogue inside out, meaning that they can help you to find the ideal products for your needs at the right price. Here at Dukeries Cleaning Supplies, we always go the extra mile to surpass our customers’ expectations, only ever adding reliable, high performance products to our catalogue.

Our client network consists of a wide range of business customers, with more and more people placing orders with us after receiving recommendations from others. Browse our catalogue and you’ll find nothing but powerful cleaning and janitorial products from a series of leading brands. An increasing number of customers are choosing Dukeries Cleaning Supplies as their one-stop shop for cleaning products. Why not get in touch today if you require more information about selecting the right goods for your organisation’s needs?

Evans Vanodine claening supplies


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