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Waste may be something that few of us want to deal with, but it unquestionably has to be dealt with as part of the day-to-day maintenance of your workplace, and for that task, you will undoubtedly appreciate the very best products for the job. The provision of such products at a good price is our top priority here at G and S Corporate Supplies.

While we are certainly acclaimed waste container suppliers, we are also so much more than that, stocking the likes of black refuse sacks, carrier bags, clear and coloured sacks, clinical or NHS sacks… in short, almost any of the bags or liners that you require for the effective tidying away of your company’s waste. Such essentials as compactors, compostable biodegradable bags, laundry sacks and liners can also be added to that list.

Our bags and liners are, wherever possible, CHSA accredited, as will be clear from the bag description. Organisations that need to buy plastic refuse sacks rate the CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme highly for the assurance of quality that it provides. If a given product has been manufactured to the Standard, all that you need to do is look at the label to view such key dimensional information as length, width and minimum net weight.

Something else that makes it easier for you to buy the most suitable CHSA accredited bag for your needs is a special ‘fit for purpose’ scale. Whereas in the past, it was easy to determine the suitability of a given sack for one’s requirements simply by referring to its thickness or gauge – with higher gauge sacks being the strongest – matters are slightly more complicated today. Thin sacks can actually be stronger than thicker sacks, depending on the polymer from which they are made.

The ‘fit for purpose’ scale provided with CHSA accredited sacks takes the guessing out of the process, so that you can quickly tell whether your chosen sack will hold up to five kilos, 10 kilos, 15 kilos or 20 kilos. As a company that has built up a formidable reputation for providing all manner of janitorial supplies to commerce and industry, G and S Corporate Supplies certainly takes CHSA accreditation seriously – and we feel that you should, too.


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