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As delighted as we are to serve all of our customers, we are especially proud to serve many NHS customers – so much so, that we offer them a 30 day account when they place an order with us. But what are the exact products that have NHS and other customers in the health and medical fields coming back to us, time and time again?

In this blog, we thought we’d pick out just a few of our most highly-rated healthcare supplies in Lincoln. These include cloths and scourers like green sponge scourers, heavy duty floor cloths, non-abrasive sponge scourers and premium microfibre cloths. Also in stock here at G & S Corporate Supplies are disinfectants and bleaches such as Chlor Tabs, Evans Vanodine E Pine, Evans Vanodine Protect and an assortment of our very own GSCS branded items like Black Disinfectant, Thick Bleach and Pine Disinfectant.

Nor can many of our NHS and other health customers cope without such essential mopping equipment as our Professional Mop Bucket, Kentucky Stayflat Mop and Kentucky Clip. We’re also dependable suppliers of the best quality housekeeping chemicals such as Charm Aerosol Furniture Polish, Charm Fly and Wasp Killer and Evans Vanodine Clear.

The more you look through our range of healthcare supplies in Lincoln, the clearer it becomes that we really have thought of every eventuality with our product offering – as you might expect from a company that has gained such a strong following in the healthcare and medical sectors. Maybe you also require the best-priced – not to mention best quality – brushes, sweeps, scrapers and shovels? Our in-demand products in this category include dustpan and soft brush sets and even litter pickers.

We’re also the only online store that your organisation will ever need for dispensers – from the Bulkpack Dispenser and Classic Matic Dispenser to a Twin Coreless Dispenser and Universal Hand Towel Dispenser, we offer every popular variant. Then, there are the soap and skincare products that are similarly vital for many of our health customers – we always have such items as Buttermilk Guest Soap, Evans Vanodine Handsan and Evans Vanodine Pink Pearl in stock.

All of the above are far from our only available healthcare supplies in Lincoln – you might also turn to us for washroom chemicals and wet wipes, for example. However, they certainly give a sense of just how broad our healthcare product selection is here at G & S Corporate Supplies.


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