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Those looking for janitorial supplies in Lincoln quickly decide on ordering from G and S Corporate Supplies. We deliver a vast range of janitorial supplies to businesses, schools, hospitals and government buildings throughout Lincoln and the surrounding area, so you can rely on our extensive inventory to hold exactly what you need.

For example, we carry a wide selection of centre-feed rolls. Offered in either 1 ply or 2 ply, and in a variety of sizes, you can order either perforated or unperforated depending upon your requirements. Both blue and white are available, with the amount per case varying between 6 and 12 rolls.

We also offer three separate types of facial tissue. Our economy option contains 100 sheets of basic 2 ply white, with 100 in each box. For a more upscale environment, try our boxes of 3 ply premium facial tissue. The box itself is Fleur de lys decorated, and holds 80 sheets. Or, try our premium man-sized tissues. Contained in a long black box for an executive appearance, you’ll find 100 sheets of 2 ply paper inside.

Anyone ordering janitorial supplies in Lincoln will also require a healthy amount of coach roll, so we carry either 10-inch or 20-inch varieties, with each one offering 125 sheets.

You’ll also require plenty of hand towels, so we carry several varieties in green, blue, white or beige to fit with your building. Available in z fold, interfold or a roll in order to suit different machines and purposes, we offer an exhaustive selection. C fold white supersoft embossed towels, for example, are valued for their softness, while our heavy duty 1 ply continuous hand wiping towel roll is perfect when you require economy without sacrificing strength.

Wiper rolls can also be supplied across Lincoln and the surrounding area. You may choose between our airsoft wiper roll (ideal for polishing), our highly absorbent kitchen roll and our monster roll, which provides a massive 875 sheets.

The products listed above are just a small selection of the janitorial supplies Lincoln residents can order from G and S Corporate Supplies. For more information, simply contact one of our team members today.


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