Bins and Black Refuse Bags

Dukeries Cleaning Supplies carry a wide and diverse range of bags and liners.

Wherever possible we market only CHSA accredited products, these are marked clearly on the bag description

The CHSA Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme for plastic refuse sacks is intended to give end users assurance that they are getting what they paid for.  Like other CHSA Schemes “what’s on the box is in the box!”  The label on packs manufactured to the Standard will feature key dimensional information such as length, width, minimum net weight and the number of sacks in the pack.  But there’s more.  A “fit for purpose” scale has been agreed which will assist the user to buy a sack which is appropriate for their needs.  In the past this has been achieved by reference to the thickness or gauge of a sack – the higher the gauge the stronger the sack.  But this no longer applies.  A “thin” sack made of virgin polymer can be much stronger than a “thicker” sack made from recycled polymer.  So how do you choose?  Simple, buy CHSA accredited sacks and select from the “fit for purpose” scale provided       


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