Deb OxyBAC Foam Wash 6 x 1ltr




Deb OxyBAC® Foam Wash 6 x 1ltr
Description: Unique, perfume-free broad spectrum antibacterial rich-cream foam hand wash. Combines Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® with Deb Foam Technology™ to provide excellent cleansing and kill 99.999% of many common bacteria.
Usage: For general hand washing in food and catering environments, or any other workplace, social care or public facility where a high level of hand hygiene is required.
Method of Use: 
1. For general use apply 1 – 2 doses to  wet hands.
2. Rub in well across all parts of the hands for 20-30 seconds.
3. Rinse hands thoroughly with clean running water and dry well.For greasy hands repeat above process.
6 x  1 litre cartridge system requires,
OxyBAC™ 1L Capacity Manual Dispenser
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Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 49 × 30 × 30 cm

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