DREADNOUGHT – High Power Oxidising Rinse 6L



Njord Dreadnought

Simply add to your clean water tank, or Truck mount chemical feed!

This PH 6 Acidic, Oxidising and Anti wicking pet stain rinse tears through pet urine, pet oils, tea, coffee and red wine.

Smells amazing with Infused Lust Premium Deodoriser.

This rinse detergent tears through all manner of dirt and soils. In many cases you will not need to pre-spray first. The best bit? It leaves carpets soft, Bright and smelling fresh!

Ideal for when you need an oxidiser to brighten the area you are cleaning for better cosmetic results.
One of the most advanced products in the Njord range, making carpet cleaners’ lives easier than ever.

Direction for use:

1:666 Ratio

15mL per 10L when using a Pre-spray
30ml per 10L When not using a Pre-spray

Truck Mount 2-4GPH:
1L per 20L when using a Pre-spray
2L per 20L when not using a Pre-spray


Additional information

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm

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