Evans Vanodine Handsan



Evans Handsan is a rapid action, highly effective alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Clinically formulated to kill bacteria and viruses, including the (H1N1) swine flu virus.

Quickly evaporates from hands without leaving a residue or odour.

Perfume-free and suitable for use wherever food is handled, prepared or served.

Evans Vonodine Handsan is recommended for use in between patient contact in non-surgical medical care.

Suitable for personal use in busy environments.

– Passes EN 14476 against all enveloped viruses with 1-minute contact time

– Virucidal; passes EN 14476 with 1 minute contact time, effective against enveloped viruses

– Quickly evaporates without residue. Added moisturiser to protect skin

– Authorised Biocide: UK-2019-1195-0001

Safety Data Sheets

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 30 cm

5ltr, 6x500ml, 12x75ml

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