INVADER – High Power Urine & Mattress Pre-Spray 6L



Njord Invader molecularly dis-assembles urine on contact removing the salts and crystals that cause odours.
Particularly effective on mattresses where browning and stains have occurred.

Invader can be used as both a spot treatment or a pre-spray.
Rapid dwell time – Works within 15 minutes.

Residential friendly, urine odour and stain treatment.
Can be sprayed on, poured on and used with a water claw, wand, vacuum cuff or hand tool to flush out after treatment.

Application and use

Works at 1-4 for most situations
Can be used 1-1 for extreme conditions as an oxidising spotter.


Additional information

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm

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