Njord Sample Stack



Experience Njord’s advanced liquid chemistry for yourself

24 Next Generation Liquid Products Including 4 Advanced Woolsafe approve.d chemicals.

1 Hard back book of njord – The ultimate guide for carpet cleaners.
1 Chemistry Guide
6 Heavy Hitting Pre-Sprays with POWER!
4X Premium Deodorisers! (10ml spritzer bottles)
3 Next Generation Rinses with results!
1 Solvent Spotter for oil based stains!
1 ASGARD Next generation protector
1 Premium Anti Foam
1 Leather Cleaner

Please note: Njord pre-sprays double up as spot cleaners and the premium deodorisers are based on perfumes and aftershaves.

Product List:

1X Hardback book of NJORD – The ultimate guide for carpet cleaners
1L War Hammer Pre-Spray
1L Dragon Fire Pre-Spray
1L Invader Pre-Spray
1L Draugr Pre-Spray
1L Valhalla Pre-Spray
1L Kraken Pre-Spray
1L Berserker Rinse
1L Aftermath Rinse
1L Harmony Rinse
1L Foam Destroyer
1L Ballista Leather cleaner
1L Solvent Spotter
1L Asgard
4X Spray Triggers
1 x 50ml Syringe and tube

Additional information

Weight 9999 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm

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