RAGNAR – Premium Deodoriser 6L



Njord Chemicals Ragnar Premium Deodoriser: Long-Lasting Freshness and Sophistication for Professional Cleaning.
Elevate Your Cleaning Results with a Luxurious Fragrance.
Njord Chemicals Ragnar Premium Deodoriser is a professional-strength deodoriser designed to eliminate tough odours and leave carpets, upholstery, and rooms smelling fresh and inviting.
A Captivating Fragrance Profile
Ragnar’s fragrance is inspired by popular men’s cologne, offering a blend of bold and refreshing notes. It effectively neutralises odours while leaving a long-lasting, sophisticated scent.

Versatile Application Options for Maximum Impact

  • Pre-Spray or Rinse Tank: Infuse your cleaning solution with GREED for a powerful deodorising boost during the cleaning process. Use the recommended dilution ratio of 100ml per litre of water.
  • Finishing Spritz: Leave a lasting impression with a final spritz of GREED at the end of the job. Dilute or use neat depending on desired fragrance intensity.
  • Re-bottling for customer use: The concentrated formula of GREED allows for re-bottling opportunities. Consider offering a diluted version to your clients for personal use, extending the luxurious fragrance experience into their homes. This can be a valuable upselling opportunity.
Long-Lasting Performance
Ragnar’s concentrated formula delivers long-lasting odour elimination and fragrance. For the most potent results, use Ragnar undiluted for a truly luxurious olfactory experience.
Unveil the Essence of Clean with Njord Chemicals Ragnar.
Njord Chemicals Ragnar Premium Deodoriser offers a superior solution for professional cleaners seeking to elevate their cleaning results and provide an exceptional customer experience.
With its versatility, long-lasting fragrance, and sophisticated scent profile, Ragnar is the perfect choice for any cleaning application.


Additional information

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm

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