Regent Skin Care at Dukeries Cleaning Supplies. 

With over 40 years in the skin care industry, Regent Skin Care has become a leading provider of skin care in the workplace and here at Dukeries Cleaning Supplies we’re proud to stock these excellent products. We firmly believe that they match the cleaning and protection provided by Deb products but at greatly reduced cost.

Regent products have been meticulously developed to protect your skin from the chemical and biological hazards found in the workplace making them ideal for use in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, construction, catering and healthcare.

Dukeries Cleaning Supplies stock Regent products for all aspects of skin care, from cleansing and moisturising to protection and treatment. Our service even includes a free washroom survey to help you identify which products and dispensers are most suitable for your needs. Many of the standard Regent Skin Care dispensers are free of charge and we can even throw in free installation too!

Our Regent Skin Care range includes:

  • Mild Blue: As the name suggests, Mild Blue from Regent is a mild cleansing lotion suitable for hands, body and hair. Suggested applications are offices light industry. Mild Blue has excellent cleansing properties and is very economical to use. This cost effective cleansing lotion has built in conditioners is pH neutral and soap free.
  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser: Regent Heavy Duty is the Skin cleanser for heavy grime. Contains olive seeds as a scrubbing agent for deep down cleansing and conditioners to help care for the skin. Heavy Duty works against graphite, soot, grease & oil and is the perfect hand cleaner for all heavy industrial applications, garages and workshops. Heavy Duty has built in conditioners is pH neutral, soap & solvent free.
  • Dirt Plus Premium:  is a dirt-repellent skin protection cream that helps skin cleansing by preventing dirt adhesion. Contains moisturising glycerin and nurturing allantoin.

Here at Dukeries Cleaning Supplies we also stock the the excellent range of Regent Skin care stations, self-contained units that can dispense a variety of products depending on your needs. Skin care stations are ideal for use in workplaces, schools, and other public places and their use has several benefits:

  • Hygiene: Skin care stations are hygienic because they dispense products in a sealed and controlled manner helping to prevent the spread of dirt and germs.
  • Convenience: Skin care stations are clean and convenient as they provide employees and visitors with access to the right skin care products in one location and can provide the user with the skin care information that they need.
  • Compliance: Skin care stations can help businesses to comply with health and safety regulations. The stations’ backing boards can be printed with your own business identity and relevant Health & Safety messaging.

When you invest in Regent Skin Care Products with Dukeries Cleaning Supplies, you also get access to the Regent workforce training service. This certificated training covers why you should use skin protection, cleansing and care products and which products to use. There is also a range of “how to use” guides for the products chosen.

Choose Regent from Dukeries Cleaning Supplies and you’ll be making cost savings and getting the very best skin care in the workplace from a British brand with decades of experience.

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