Byotrol 4-in-1 is suitable for use on most hard surfaces as well as soft fabrics such as carpets and furnishings which makes it ideal to use in all areas that need disinfecting. 

Byotrol 4-in-1 is extremely effective at killing bacteria and viruses and it has been tested against corona virus specifically and is proven to be 99.99% effective within 60 seconds of use making it reliable as well as easy to use. 

As well corona virus, it is also effective against norovirus, rotavirus and influenza A which makes Byotrol 4-in-1 a great all rounder product to use in public settings.

This product comes in a 5-litre concentrate which can be diluted in a bucket and used for large areas, or in a ready to use 750ml spray bottle which is fantastic to spray on those soft furnishings.

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byotrol 4 in 1

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